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name and portrait A Y R T O N

website name A Y R T O N 360
website url

city and country Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
personal statement

I was born in 1955 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My father loved photography and passed his passion on to me, and at the age of 14 I won a bowling competition and the prize was my first camera! Since that day I have never been without a camera.

I've been in the photography business since 1976 and worked in all kind of fields: advertising, sports, nude, fashion, journalism. I was the only Brazilian to work as an official photographer for Jacques Cousteau during four years of expeditions in the Amazon.

I first saw 360 VR’s in 1996, on a CD using QTVR to tour the Apple Store and the company's campus. I fell in love, and I thought: I WANT TO SHOW THE WORLD AROUND ME !

In 1999 the Rio tourism department hired me to do a an aerial 360 panorama from a helicopter over Copacabana Beach. I was a pioneer in Brazil doing photojournalism in 360, when the army stormed and took the Rocinha slum in Rio de Janeiro in 2005. My wife-assistant Andrea and I went into the slum undercover as tourists.

I also pioneered shooting fashion shows in 360 in 2006, the World Cup of soccer, Carnival in Rio, and Olympic qualifying events, but unfortunately I did not get any sponsors to send me to China.

Later on I began to document entire wedding events, telling the story minute by minute, with the ability to navigate, immersive sounds, and relevant information at the exact minute it happened.

In 2009 I documented the production of a movie, the first film from Director Marcio Garcia, called "Predilection".

Brazil was first to make a presentation to the judges of the International Olympic Committee in immersive 360 degrees. I was hired to shoot the spherical panoramas that were presented by Governor Sergio Cabral, Mayor Eduardo Paes and Brazil's President LULA on an interactive screen where, in Lausanne, Switzerland, they dragged the images 360 degrees showing the judges where they would be holding competitions in Rio de Janeiro. They loved the immersive experience.

When Rio de Janeiro’s victory in the Olympics was announced, I shot from right in the middle of the jubilant crowd that filled Copacabana Beach in front of large screens with live broadcast.In 2010 I was hired by TV Globo network to generate a photographic 360 degree image to serve as a virtual scene on a TV show about the World Cup.

Another very important moment in my career was when I was the first to document a terrorist attack, almost immediately, when drug traffickers in Rio brought down a police helicopter.

I have been hired many times by the President of Brazil, Mr. LULA,  to shoot events in 360, including the January 2011 transition to a new president. The president used to call me "The one who keeps turning around".

I never stop looking for new ways to promote immersive panorama experiences to my clients and prospects. Photography is my life, my joy and my happiness. It is the air that I breath.  If it stops ... I die.

My slogan since 1986 has been: It's not WHAT you shoot. It's the WAY you shoot."

suggested panel layout

first image
first image title Drug War
first image subject BOPE – Brazil’s Special Operations Battalion
first image place date

Vila Cruzeiro, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 25, 2010

first image url
first image caption At Vila Cruzeiro, BOPE, supported by military and civilian police, Navy and Army, attacked the stronghold of the drug dealers using armored vehicles fitted with tracks able to bridge and roll over the traps and obstacles erected by the criminals on the streets of the community.

I was watching TV and could not contain myself, my blood pulsed and I thought: - I must go there and document this historic moment, not just sit watching it on television.

These panos show some tense moments of that day, special operations police waiting for their turn to enter the conflict area. There was gunfire in the distance, helicopters, people yelling and kids crying, the movement of heavy vehicles ... I sold some of these 360 images to local and national online newspapers, and also to a European one.

second image
second image title Musician’s Apartment
second image subject Oswaldo Montenegro’s apartment
second image place date

Leblon, a very rich neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, January 12, 2010

second image url
second image caption

The online newspaper “O DIA” interviewed a famous Brazilian singer, showing the interior of his great work of plastic art, questionable taste, unusual and insane dreams. This was a perfect subject for a pano, since I could really show the environment. Everyone wanted to know how it would be to live in this environment, everything wildly painted, and I can tell you that it was dizzying. When I was there shooting, sometimes I lost track of space and distance, walls even, since everything, every corner of the apartment, was multicolored.

Okay, the couch was not painted. The piano he painted, but then needed a specialist for repair. The cable TV box had to be replaced more than once, damaged by heat and ink. The bathroom was a puzzle, since you can’t find where... well never mind. The toilet was painted all over the outside and inside the bowl too!

third image
third image title The Bride
third image subject Wedding at the Church of Saint Francis de Paul
third image place date

Largo de São Francisco, downtown Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 8 PM on Saturday, September 19, 2009

third image url
third image caption

Shooting weddings in 360 is a challenge comparable only to filming a country’s President, (as I have done more than once). You must focus on the bride, be sure that she will look gorgeous all the time AND that everyone 360 degrees around you looks perfect also. The light changes a lot and it is very low, as seen in this image. I was using ISO 4000 on a Nikon D3.

During the ceremony it was very tense because there was no way to repeat anything. During the party it was chaos because it was DARK, very noisy, and you have thousands of people drinking, partying, dancing and joking around you, and worst — disturbing the bride who must look nice in your photos. This photo series shows 800 people in the church and more than 1500 at the party from 10 pm to 5:30 the next morning.
fourth image
fourth image title Rio’s Lagoon at Sunset
fourth image subject
fourth image place date

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 19, 2009

fourth image url
fourth image caption The Christmas Tree at Lagoa in Rio has become a postcard of the Brazilian Christmas. It is not only in a beautiful part of the Wonderful City, but is also in the Guinness Book of Records as having the biggest Floating Christmas Tree in the world. The tree is 85 meters high, the equivalent of a 28-story building. It weighs more than 500 tons, has 2.9 million micro-light bulbs, 37 thousand meters of luminous hoses, and colorfully lighted fountains that spurt 20 meters high. It is estimated that ninety thousand people visit the Tree at Lagoa every year. As a symbol of Christmas symbol in Rio it is surpassed only by the Reveillón and Carnival. I shoot this for an online local newspaper almost every year.

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