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name and portrait A Y R T O N - second panel

website name A Y R T O N 360
website url
city and country Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
personal statement

suggested panel layout

first image
first image title Eldorado Tower
first image subject The 32nd floor of the Eldorado Tower
first image place date

São Paulo, Brazil, July 28, 2008

first image url
first image caption

I was hired by an advertising agency to shoot views of the city of São Paulo, so we went to the 32nd floor atop the Eldorado Tower, surrounded by São Paulo’s freeways, near the Jockey Club of São Paulo, and the Eldorado Shopping Mall.

It was a beautiful sunny day. As always, São Paulo had intense traffic jams, but it is beautifully lit by rays of yellow light. We watched a beautiful sunset over Latin America's largest city, São Paulo, also the fourth largest in the world!

second image
second image title The President’s Ship
second image subject
second image place date

Mauá Shipyard, Niterói City, Brazil, November,19 2010

second image url
second image caption The official launch of this ship took place on November 19, 2010. It was the third produced in 2010 by Brazil's shipbuilding industry, and the second one from the Maua shipyard. I was hired by the department of communication, Transpetro, to document the launch in 360.

Several Brazilian notables were present, including Brazil’s then President LULA, Rio de Janeiro’s Governor Sergio Cabral, the mayor, the Minister of Transport, and many others. President LULA likes my work, so I was allowed to shoot and stay very close to him. As you can see from the pano, there were only two other photographers this close, the President’s official one and the Governor’s official one (who used to be my assistant).

third image
third image title Rock Gallery
third image subject
third image place date

São Paulo, Brazil, July 19, 2010

third image url
third image caption São Paulo is known as the Rock City of Brazil. I was shooting this pano for a Photography School that it is nearby, called Rock Gallery. It is kind of a shopping mall completely dedicated to rock and roll-themed stores, selling t-shirts with stamps of rock and pop stars, rock CDs, rock clothes, rock tennis shoes, rock posters, rock books, and more.

The view from there was amazing so I decided to shoot the view together with the Gallery. The guy enjoying the view is the owner of the school and is also the most famous copyright lawyer in Brazil, a close friend and MY lawyer too.

fourth image
fourth image title Fashion Show
fourth image subject Giselle Bundchen at "Fashion Rio 2007"
fourth image place date

Marina de la Gloria, 10:35 PM on January 19, 2007

fourth image url
fourth image caption

Fashion Rio was pumping in the Marvelous City. Everyone wanted to go watch the parades, especially the Marina da Gloria and the Night of the Goddess parade. Gisele Bundchen would go on the catwalk, once again leaving all those present, mere mortals, bewitched by her presence. I was there to shoot it for “Jornal do Brasil Online”.

For me the important thing is always is to capture the environment, the ambience.. My Editor told me:

“Ayrton if you do not shoot any other parade today, please be sure to do something good on Gisele!”. I thought about what could make it spectacular, different, innovative?

I asked my editor “Do you trust me to create an insanity with Gisele?” Knowing me and being the most spectacular and creative director I've ever met she replied: “Go ahead. Surprise me!”.

When Gisele entered the runway, I started to click hundreds of times without stopping, spatially predicting what was in my mind. A few short minutes later, when it ended, I had taken 250 shots. I worked all night and by morning had produced this 360 pano.

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