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name and portrait Bostjan Burger - Second Panel

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first image title Waterfall Veliki Kozjak
first image subject Waterfall documentation project
first image place date Northwest Slovenia, Kobarid, Alps, October 9, 2006
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What is a geography? It is not just a profession but it is also a lifestyle. I am proud that I was able to be a baby sitter to my kids and many times take them with me to special geographical locations. In this pano you can see a little girl on the right, my second daughter waiting me to finish my work.

Kozjak brook is a left tributary of the Soča river. Its springs are getting water from the high mountains from Oblo brdo (1957m), Krnicica (2142m) and Srednji vrh (1957m). There are six waterfalls but only the lowest two are accessible by an easy tourist route. Waterfall Veliki Kozjak is very picturesque. The brook has caved a natural hall which looks like a karst cave. It falls in a dark-green pool.

second image
second image title Documenting the largest flood in the last hundred years in Slovenia
second image subject
second image place date Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 17, 2010
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second image caption The heavy rain began on Friday, September 17th, and continued until the next Sunday. Before the rain there was a Red Alarm for flood warnings. And it really happened: the largest flood in the written history of Slovenia and the largest flood in the area of Ljubljana Marsh which is situated in the southern suburbs of Ljubljana.

The whole country was flooded and in some areas the water rose to 6 meters high. And imagine—Slovenia is not a flat country but has high relief. This panorama shows the flooded farm, which is about 3 km south of Ljubljana and 7 km from the centre of the capital. The only possible transport was a boat and at the time this panorama was shot it was 3 days later and the area was still flooded.

third image
third image title Canal Views of Amsterdam
third image subject An experiment with high speed photography with a pole and a moving boat...
third image place date Amsterdam, Netherlands, April 29, 2010
third image url
third image caption Amsterdam is the capital and the largest city of the Netherlands. The original settlement was established at the dyke (dam) along the Amstel River (Amstel-Dam > Amsterdam).

fourth image
fourth image title Vanishing glaciers in the Alps
fourth image subject
fourth image place date Pasterze Glacier, Austria, August, 2008
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fourth image caption

Pasterze Glacier (Pasterzengletscher) is situated on the north-east side of the Grossglockner (Veliki Klek, 3.798 m) which is Austria's highest mountain. The effects of global warming are evident here as the glacier has lost  about 150 m of elevation since the year 1960. The bottom station of the funicular railway (Gletscherbahn), was originally terminated at the glacier's surface, up to the year 2008.

The deposition zone (the terminal) of Pasterze Glacier is 4200 m long and 670 m wide (situation August 2008, B.Burger - measured with GPS Garmin 60CSx), the middle part with the steepest slope is 1120 m long and the accumulation part of the glacier is about 2100 m long. Pasterze Glacier, at about 7.4 km is the longest glacier in Austria. The name Pasterze is based on the original Slovenian name for the whole area: Pastirica (pastureland, young shepherdess). Below the glacier are two small lakes (Sandersee, in Margaritzenstausee).

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