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name and portrait Jesse Lee

company Beijing Sifanghuanshi Digital Tech. Co., Ltd
website name
website url
city and country Beijing, China

personal statement

I was born in Beijing in 1952. I am a member of the Beijing Black & White Photography Academy, the China Folklore Photographic Association, and the IAPP.

It all started in the summer of 1998, when I discovered a few rotating images on a Japanese engineering demonstration disc. With a simple flick of the 'wand', you got to explore the whole construction site. I was absolutely fascinated by the magic of virtual reality and I had an epiphany that this was exactly what I wanted to do from that moment on — I want to travel all around China to capture her beauty, and let the world admire her culture, from an unbiased, comprehensive perspective.

This motivated me to establish the ChinaVR website with my partners and set up a panoramic archive for all Chinese World Heritage Sites and tourist resorts. Therefore, I was regarded as China's first VR panoramic photographer.

I have dedicated myself to the development and application of panoramic photography and computer processing techniques, among them floating panoramas and motion panoramas are well received by my peers. Thanks to the support of IVRPA and WWP, ChinaVR became the top Panoramic website in China and gained a worldwide reputation.

I was invited to the UN's "2006 World Heritage Web Conference" to give a speech titled "The application of VR panoramic photography in the preservation of World Heritage" at Tsinghua University in Beijing..

I won the Gold medal in the 2002 National Computer Nerds Competition Sponsored by Bejing Television, and had an exclusive interview with "Age of the Internet" on China's biggest television network CCTV in 2000. My 360 panorama "The Song of the Vagabonds" won the BESTS of 2010 IPA.

Since hundreds of thousands of Chinese people were drawn to panorama, I established a pano forum for the fans and offer them a platform to exhibit their works and share their excitement. I always encourage these friends to participate in WWP events despite the language barrier. My next step is to setup a panoramic gallery, organise a Chinese panoramic association and publish a professional magazine in China, to help Chinese pano fans to communicate with international peers.

For my personal plan, I am preparing to build some "pano-rooms", in which huge gigapixel panoramic photographs were printed on Advanced Semi-gloss Photo Paper and mounted on 4 walls, sometimes with "ceiling" and "floor". Each wall measured at least 3.5 x 3.5 meters, people stand in the center of the "room", to feel the atmosphere of reality and to watch the very fine details of the panorama even with a magnifier.

suggested panel layout

first image
first image title
first image subject Contestants and Press at the Miss Universe Pageant, 2004
first image place date Beijing, China
first image caption

Just like the craving of young talents all over the world, Chinese young girls' celebrity dream is just the same.

This panorama was shot in the year 2004, when 100 contestants in the Miss Universe beauty pageant gathered at the famous Wangfujing Street in Beijing to attend a charity event. Among them, Miss Tang Wei played a part in a TV movie, "Policewoman Yanzi," she won CCTV Movie Channel's Lily Award for best female role in 2006. She was later discovered by the internationally known director Ang Lee, and made her film debut in Ang Lee's "Lust, Caution", starring opposite Tony Leung.

second image
second image title The Disciple and the Master
second image subject The Sermon at The Temple of Dragon Spring
second image place date Longquan Monastery, Beijing 2010
second image caption

On the mountainside of Phoenix Hill in west suburban Beijing, there is an ancient temple called The Temple of Dragon Spring. Devout Buddhists gather there every end of the week or month, to hear the sermon.

The Buddha said man will suffer hundreds of various sicknesses, a better way is to prevent than to heal; the Buddha has left various cures to mankind, they can search within their hearts to find the solution.

third image
third image title The Everchanging Beijing
third image subject A telescope view of the Bird's Nest
third image place date Beijing 2007
third image caption Looking out from my apartment on the 11th floor, the view was just like every other day's, the shoe peddler on the bridge, the grocery market, the construction site, tower cranes and buildings at the back.

The Main Stadium of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, also known as The Bird's Nest, can be seen on the horizon through the buildings. Only after I shot this scene with a 600mm lens could I recognise what exactly was captured by me.

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