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first image
first image title Sunset at Wat Chaiwatthanaram - Temple of Long Reign and Glorious Era
first image subject
first image place date Wat Chaiwatthanaram, Ayutthaya, Thailand November 23, 2009
first image url
first image caption For a few short moments at sunset, the sky glows a warm pink color that heightens the red colors of the bricks.

Wat Chaiwatthanaram is a Buddhist temple in the city of Ayutthaya, Thailand, on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, south west of the old city of Ayyuthaya. It is a large compound and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temple was constructed in 1630 by the king Prasat Thong as the first temple of his reign and as a memorial of his mother's resident. The temple's name literally means the Temple of long reign and glorious era.

second image
second image title
second image subject Owl's Head Lighthouse
second image place date Rockland, Maine USA May  2007
second image url
second image caption The location of this lighthouse is along the midcoast of Maine and looks out at West Penobscot Bay, the entrance to Rockland Harbor. For this unusual vantage point I used a long pole system to raise my camera up to the same height as the lantern, about 25 feet.

A nice discovery that we did not know until later was to see the Fresnel light was on and working. The stereographic projection of this 360 degree panorama wraps the water of the bay nicely around the small hill that the lighthouse sits on into a serene small planet panorama

third image
third image title
third image subject Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
third image place date near Bangkok, Thailand, November 24, 2009
third image url
third image caption The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is 110 kilometers west of Bangkok. Outside of the big city, visitors get to see the old style and traditional way of selling and buying fruits, vegetables and everything else from small boats in the many water canals called 'khlongs' running through the area. Food is both sold and cooked from long-tail boats.

I am getting a bite to eat while watching all the chaotic activity. It's colorful, noisy and touristy but great fun to watch flat boats piled high with fresh produce, each jockeying for position and paddled by ladies ready to stop and bargain at a moment’s notice.

fourth image
fourth image title JuYongGuan Great Wall
fourth image subject Catching a view of the Sun setting over the JuYongGuan section of the Great Wall
fourth image place date North of Beijing, China January 3, 2006
fourth image url
fourth image caption This is the view is from the last and highest observation tower on this section of the wall guarding the south side of the mountain pass. The north section of the pass is called BaDaLing. The JuYongGuan Wall was built in the Ming dynasty as part of the northern border defenses for the imperial city of Beijing.

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