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name and portrait Marcus Hamilton

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city and country London, England

personal statement I have always had a camera to hand since childhood and the magic of photography has followed me through life. I took pictures for fun and ran my own company in the advertising and print business for a living. However, this all changed when I discovered the creative opportunities available with panoramic and specifically 360-degree panoramic photography.

We only have one crack at this life and I decided this is what I want to do - all the time. I soon found that the techniques required take time to really master and so I set out to shoot and process in as many and varied situations as I possible so I could achieve the goals I set myself. It did take time. As any photographer will tell you, we're always learning. But I am happy to be a part of the relatively small band of 360-degree photographers who bring a very special view of life to the world.

I like to make sure my work, like my life, has as much variation as I can possibly manage to cram in. I have shot 360’s of hotels, shops, ships and power stations. I have exhibited a 360° image that was 3 metres long, backlit in a lightbox at a London art show. I once shot a 360 inside a gas turbine which would be heated up to 700 degrees Celsius a few hours after I finished. I'm about to shoot a 246 ft luxury yacht, inside and out.

I enjoy making interactive 360 movies which work for people on screen, but I also really get carried away with making pictures which are just Art. This led me into the world of Stereographic projections, or 'Little Planets'. Although a great deal of technical work is required, a photograph still has to be formed in the mind's eye before it will achieve that “Wow” factor we're all looking for.

To keep the search for panoramic images going, I bought a camper van, which works for me in many ways — as my accommodation, digital darkroom and general traveling companion. My stories and pictures on the road can be seen in my blog “CamperPanMan”.

I believe creativity keeps you young, and I'm so happy panoramic photography found me in time.

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first image
first image title The Last Wave
first image subject
first image place date Godrevy Beach, Cornwall, England, 15th October 2009
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first image caption

Yet again, the CamperVan transported me to a very special part of the world. The surf beaches of Northern Cornwall in South-West England are among the best in Europe. This particular late Autumn day had found me shooting panoramas since dawn, but just as I started to think about packing my gear away for the day, the most beautiful golden evening light fell upon me. I rushed to Godrevy Beach and found many surfers going for a late ride after work. The man in the picture was heading out for one last wave.

Equipment: Nikon D2X with Nikkor 12mm lens. 360 Precision Absolute panoramic head, Manfrotto tripod. Stitched as a cylindrical 360 panorama with PTGui.

second image
second image title Number Nine Nîmes
second image subject
second image place date Nîmes, France, 5th May 2010
second image url
second image caption

My CamperVan and I rolled into the 2000 year old city of Nîmes on a grey, overcast day and the famous South of France sunshine seemed to have deserted me. But even grey clouds have a silver lining and I think this Roman amphitheatre has an enhanced dramatic feel thanks to the patterns formed in the clouds.  The statue of the matador brings life to the picture and is a reminder that bullfighting is still performed here as well as concerts. The title of this photograph is a nod to John Lennon's '# 9 Dream'. Both the song and the photograph have a slightly surreal feel.

Equipment: Nikon D2X with Nikkor 12mm lens. 360 Precision Adjuste panoramic head, Manfrotto tripod. Stitched as a cylindrical 360 with PTGui.

third image
third image title Planet Luna Park
third image subject
third image place date Luna Park, Sydney, Australia, 5th January 2011
third image url
third image caption

The fabulous city of Sydney is famous for the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge, but I knew the amusement park with its big grinning face would be a better subject for a 'Little Planet'. Luna Park is a popular amusement park on the North shore of the harbour. It first opened in 1935 and seems to be still as popular as ever today. This can be a problem for a 360-degree photographer as I must have been asked by at least 30 tourists if I would take a photo for them.  As soon as they see a tripod with some expensive equipment mounted on top, the requests start to flow! Of course, I obliged with a smile and a snapshot every time.

Nikon D2X with Nikkor 10.5mm full frame fisheye lens. 360 Precision Adjuste panoramic head, Giottos tripod. Stitched as a spherical 360 panorama with PTGui.

fourth image
fourth image title Planet Norway
fourth image subject
fourth image place date Bigdøy, Oslo, Norway, 28th December 2009
fourth image url
fourth image caption

The Oslo fjord has so many fantastic secrets it could easily be a project in itself. In fact, that project is high on my CamperPanMan list of things to do. This stereographic projection was shot on the Bigdøy peninsular - a magical place in both summer and winter. The white wood building is a popular café but as my explorations were just after Christmas I had the place to myself. The deep blue sky contrasts well with the winter trees and the channels in the snow were made by me as I scrambled knee-deep to and from my chosen position.

Equipment: Nikon D2X with Nikkor 10.5mm full frame fisheye lens. 360 Precision Absolute panoramic head, Manfrotto tripod. Stitched as a spherical 360 panorama with PTGui.

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