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first image
first image title In a quiet corner lies one of Britain's most loved composers.
first image subject The grave of Sir Edward Elgar
first image place date St. Wulstan's Church, Little Malvern, Worcestershire, England, April 30, 2011
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first image caption During his life Sir Edward Elgar always seemed to have some of connection with the Malverns. He was born in a small village called Lower Broadheath, just a few miles north. Later on in life he decided to return with his wife and child. And when he died he was buried next to his wife who had passed away almost 14 years earlier. His grave is tucked away in a secluded corner of the graveyard, well away from the passing busy traffic. If it wasn't for the signs pointing the way you could easily drive right past.

I extracted this projection from a full spherical panorama, because while sitting with Elgar, quietly listening to the wind blowing through the trees you really could be on your own little planet.

second image
second image title As the sun set's on another beautiful day
second image subject The Worcestershire beacon
second image place date The Malvern Hills, Worcestershire, England, June 20, 2008
second image url Watching the sun set from the highest point on the Malvern hills can be a magical experience. As the glowing ball of light dips ever nearer the horizon, it's colours changing from golden yellow, through rich oranges to a warm red before disappearing out of sight. From up here there is nothing to block your view to watch it's passing. The round stone plinth you see in the distance is topped with a brass disc, a circular map showing points of interest that you should be able to see on a clear day. But this won't be useful for much longer as the never ending cycle of night following day following night marches on.
second image caption

third image
third image title Capability' Brown with a touch of Hare Krishna
third image subject The dining room
third image place date Croome Court, Worcestershire, England, February 28, 2011
third image url
third image caption In 2007 the Croome Heritage Trust purchased Croome Court and brought to an end the list of private owners that had started in the 1940's when the Coventry family were forced to sell their home. The trusts goal, while working with the National Trust, was to re-open the building to the public. Normally rooms like this would have white plaster fruit decorations on white walls, but during the period that the Hare Krishna movement owned part of the building they had a different idea. They wanted to brighten things up and so painted parts of the walls and ceiling in bright and vivid colours and gold leaf. It was the sight of these colours and gold leaf that I wanted to capture, it was so unexpected.

fourth image
fourth image title Modern farming blankets the countryside
fourth image subject Fields of rapeseed running up to the southern end of the hills
fourth image place date Just west of Chancers Pitch, Herefordshire, England, April 25, 2011
fourth image url
fourth image caption Some people see the blanket covering of fields in yellow as a modern day blight whilst others see it as a welcome brightening of the countryside.Love it or hate it, it would seem that the Rapeseed crop is here to stay, with every year more fields being set aside to grow it. I had been driving past these fields on an almost daily basis, watching the colour get stronger and stronger. It was just a matter of time till the weather fell into place and gave me a blue sky. When shooting the panorama I felt there was only one way that it could be show to convey the sensation of being in the middle of a sea of yellow.

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