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name and portrait Roger Berry

website name India VR Tours
website url
city and country Ventura, California, USA

personal statement I am driven by adventure, by what I aspire to experience in life, and by the unique ways that my photos turn out with my unusual style of shooting. I enjoy working around large animals, going to remote locations and experiencing other cultures, this fascinates me and allows me to create imagery that visually reflects my own personal definition of adventure.

I was born and raised in Southern California. When growing up we had horses and I enjoyed spending a good deal of time out in the countryside. After buying my own house I soon acquired more horses, and later llamas, a Bactrian camel, and a zebra. I enjoyed packing into the beautiful backcountry and taking photos of this unusual group as we traveled through spectacular wilderness areas. Lately I've been spending more time working around tigers and other exotic animals.

My shooting is mostly the run-and-gun style where I use a lightweight telescoping pole, shoot four photos in a few seconds and I'm off to the next shot. I custom make a lot of my own equipment to be small, lightweight and modular, so when I'm out for the day I have everything I need with me. When traveling in India I may head into town on a camel cart, switch to an ox cart, and then head back riding on the back of an elephant, yet I need all of my equipment with me and my hands free.

When using a pole to shoot from high above, out over cliffs, underwater, upside down or sideways you never know exactly what you captured until the photos are stitched together.

I enjoy traveling to exotic places and sharing my adventures with the rest of the world through 360-degree photos.

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first image
first image title
first image subject Pilgrims bathing and in prayer as the sun sinks low on the horizon
first image place date Rajendra Prasasa Ghat on the Ganges River, Varanasi, India
first image caption This ghat was at one time the northern extension of the Dasasvamedha Ghat. Nearby are the burning Ghats where bodies are laid on open fires, I was shooting there and when I turned around they were laying a body down 10 feet away on a pile of wood — the only way out was to scurrying around the body and step over ash pits where other bodies had recently been cremated.

Equipment, Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon 10.5mm lens, K-Tek boom pole.

second image
second image title Swimming With Tigers
second image subject
second image place date Tiger Preservation Station, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina USA, August 2011
second image caption Doc Antle, owner of the Tiger Preservation Station in Myrtle Beach South Carolina saw some of my work with tigers and invited me to his place to shoot a virtual reality tour.

He expressly wanted some underwater shots of the tigers swimming. I had about a week to figure out how to do this, get the equipment and custom make some mounting brackets. With a scuba tank and heavy weight belt I lay back on the bottom of the pool looking up as I turned my pole and took the shots with tigers swimming overhead. I also discovered that when you run out of air you can climb up the camera pole to get to the surface.

Equipment used, Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon 10.5mm lens, AquaTech underwater housing with an 8 inch dome port and cable remote, K-Tek boom pole and a custom bracket.

third image
third image title
third image subject Elephants Bathing in the Periyar River
third image place date Kodanad Rescue Center, Kerala, India, June 2010
third image caption Kodanad Rescue Center in Kerala India, the training center for baby elephants, is a true sanctuary to overcome the agony and pain of being an orphaned elephant baby. The baby elephants that are separated from their mothers in the nearby forest are rescued by forest and wildlife personnel and brought to the training center at Kodanad. Located close to the Periyar River this elephant training center in Ernakulam district has trainers who are experienced in the care of baby elephants; assuring them the best of parental care. Visitors come in large numbers to this elephant training center to watch the routine of baby elephants and the unique bond they have with their trainers.

Equipment used, Canon 5D Mark II, Nikon 10.5mm lens, K-Tek boom pole.

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