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name and portrait Walker Young

website name Pro.ZONE Studio
website url
city and country Taipei, Taiwan

personal statement

I was born in 1963. From 1986 to 1998 I was a multi-image slide show photographer and darkroom special visual effects producer, then from 1999 to 2005 I was a freelance photographer and designer, but since 2004 I consider myself to be a panographer.

My mission is to document local culture, history and the natural landscape of Taiwan with 360° VR photography.

I am currently working to found the "Taiwan 360 Panorama Society" to promote the panoramic record and make 360° VR presentations of Taiwan.

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first image
first image title 308 Walks for Dignity
first image subject
first image place date
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"We are humble and peaceful people, but if anyone insults our dignity we will not hesitate to voice our discontent."

Representing the power of the native tribes, the grass-roots but also very powerful National Ethnic Coalition of Eastern Taiwan indigenous tribes launches the "308 aboriginal dignity” movement. This scene of ethnic solidarity includes the Puyuma, Paiwan, Amis, Atayal, Tsou, South Tsou, Taroko tribes, plus non-indigenous people,

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second image
second image title
second image subject
second image place date Taroko International Music Festival
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second image caption The First Taroko Symphony Taroko Symphonic to formally premiere during
Taroko International Music Festival Taroko's natural beauty and aborigine
culture have inspired countless artists to produce moving works of art. Now,
the first Taroko-themed symphony "The lost myth of Shakadang - Taroko
Symphonic" has been composed and will premiere during Taroko International
Music Festival on October 25th.

third image
third image title The Jingpu Tropic of Cancer Landmark
third image subject
third image place date On the Tropic of Cancer, between the tropics and temperate latitudes
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third image caption

The Tropic of Cancer is located at 23.5 degrees north latitude. This Tropic of Cancer Landmark is at the 69 kilometer marker on Highway 11.

Every year at noon during the summer solstice, the sun shines right down the slits on the monument. At that time, tourists can experience the phenomenon of shadowlessness under the noonday sun.

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