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name and portrait Willy Kaemena - second panel

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first image
first image title Azalea Garden
first image subject Rhododendron Park
first image place date Bremen, Germany May 2008
first image url,27.90,76.9
first image caption Bremen's Rhododendron Park offers an unparalleled variety of rhododendrons, in fact nearly three quarters of the world’s 1,000 species are featured in this 46-hectare park. Here we see the Azalea Garden.

second image
second image title Chicago
second image subject View from the John Hancock Observatory
second image place date John Hancock Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA, Oct 2009
second image url,32.83,80.0
second image caption The John Hancock Center is a 100-story building 344 meters high in downtown Chicago. When it was built in 1968 it was the tallest building in the United States outside of New York and currently remains the 6th tallest building in the US. On the 94th floor is the John Hancock Observatory, a complete floor just for visitors to enjoy the stunning view over Chicago.

The photos for this panorama were taken from this floor through the not always clean bronzed window panes and into the glaring sun.

third image
third image title Andean Explorer Train
third image subject La Raya Station
third image place date 4313 meters elevation in the Andes Mountains, Peru, Jan 2011
third image url,-0.90,70.0
third image caption The highest train stop in Peru and the second highest in the world. This tourist train, the “Andean Explorer”, runs between Puno on lake Titicaca and Cusco near the famous Macchu Pichu. The journey takes 10 hours. The high elevation can cause altitude sickness and is a challenge for many of the foreign travelers.
fourth image
fourth image title Sunset at White Beach
fourth image subject White Beach on the Sulu Sea
fourth image place date Boracay Island, near Panay Island, Philippines, February 2009
fourth image url,1.95,70.0
fourth image caption Sunset at White Beach on the Philippine island of Boracay. Boracay is one of the 7007 islands of the Philippine archipelago. It is highly developed for tourism.

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