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name and portrait Yoshiyuki Kaneko

website name Japanos
website url
city and country Sado-City, Niigata, Japan

personal statement I live on Sado Island located in the center of the chain of Japanese islands. This island has a population of 60,000, beautiful mountains and rivers, and is surrounded by the clear water of the Sea of Japan.

I am a designer of architecture and printing and occasionally take videos for my job, and panoramic photography is not my profession.

On weekends, I go out for some exercise and enjoy taking panoramic photos. Living on a small island, it is a pity that I have few companions to share the fun. I wonder if I am the loneliest panorama creator in the world?

However, thanks to the internet, I am able to participate in The World Wide Panorama and take panoramic photos on each event’s themes together with artists all over the world.

There are several rivers on my island where you can enjoy trout fishing. The picture of trout fishing presented here was taken in 2005 and has attracted many viewers. But maybe it is sinful bringing a Japanese anime style to the world of authentic panoramic VR...

It is a great pleasure to be invited to take part in the Palmela 2011 exhibitions from Japan.

suggested panel layout

first image
first image title Trout Fishing
first image subject
first image place date Shirase River on Sado Island, Niigata, Japan, June 2005
first image caption This was an exciting shot especially for those who enjoy fishing. One of my friends who loves fishing took me to the river and I portrayed his dream in a VR panorama. I placed a camera in an aquarium, half submerged in the water. The trout in the shot was caught in advance and released afterwards. I took the background shot battling against the rapid current of the river.

In the bottom left corner, you will find a wooden mask from the movie The Mask (1994) drifting under the water. Do not mind it, it was not intended.

The fish was a close-up with a deep-focus Nikon Coolpix4500 and FC-E8 Fisheye Converter. The river was shot with a Canon EOS10D with a Sigma 8mm fisheye lens inside a small acrylic aquarium for underwater photography.

second image
second image title Gerronema Fibula
second image subject
second image place date A park in Ogi town on Sado Island, Niigata, Japan, October 2010
second image caption

I always push myself to bring a fresh view when taking a panoramic photo.

This photo features mushrooms, named Gerronema fibula, about the size of the little finger’s tip, seen from a small insect’s point of view. The green covering over the ground is a kind of moss, Sphagnum palustre.

For this shooting I avoided direct sunshine, otherwise the shadow of a camera would appear in the photo.

Shot with a Nikon Coolpix 5000 with a Door Viewer fish-eye lens (Gyorome-8).

third image
third image title Green Tunnel
third image subject
third image place date Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, held in Tokamachi, Niigata, Japan, August 2009
third image caption Two girls sharing showers of green. Sisters or friends? On my trip to Tokamachi, they happened to be in the tunnel of morning glories and were included in my panoramic view.

Since a panorama is able to take a 360-degree view it can condense all the space surrounding you into a plain flat photo. It may give you a strange feeling for its distorted image geometry, but such a panorama can sometimes create symmetrical beauty as you see in this photo.

When traveling, I carry a fisheye lens fixed on a monopod with an Agnos lens-ring. This photo was taken with a Canon EOS30D with Sigma 8mm Fisheye.

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